Character Creation

Money: Use max value for your class

Flaws: No. pathfinder isn’t really built around flaws and provides a lot of feats by allowing you to get a new feat every other level. No offense to Tim, but I am afraid that allowing the flaws/feats thing (which frankly most of us forgot about our flaws, but never out feats) is one of the things that led to the hideously unbalanced encounters.

Traits: Pick two. Not allowed are any of the “free money” or “free item” traits. Campaign specific traits from the Shatered Star Players Guide are allowed, but no other campaign-specific traits.

Stats: Either use the roller to roll your stats. You may re-roll your stats up to 5 times and pick one, or just use a 20 point buy to assign stats. Please, no stats above 18 or below 8 after racial modifications.

Races: Any race in the SRD that is 15 Race Points (RP) or lower. If you can’t find the RP for the race you want, let me know.

Brad's Shattered Star

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