Brad's Shattered Star

Session 2 - The Forgotten Column

The companions returned Ms. Vancaskerin to the Heidharch Manor to find that the Venture Captain had much more in store for them. The shard that Krisilla had palmed was apparently one of the fragments of the Sihedron of Xin – the Shattered Star. After learning the history of the sihedron, the companions watched with anticipation as Krisilla fitted a special ioun stone to the shard. In a strange vision, she learned that the next fragment of the Shattered Star resided somewhere in the Crow, one of the pilings that used to hold the Irespan aloft.

Armed with information gathered from the questioning of Natalya Vancaskerin, and aided by a new recruit – Enamos, the self-styled pirate king – the companions set out for the Crow. They found evidence of the new entrance right away – a busted down wall is kind of difficult to miss – and began scouring the place for sign of the next shard fragment. It wasn’t long before they came across the newest member of their party, a monk named Hydra, who had been caught poking his nose into the wrong corners.

Along the way, they ran into the remnants of the Tower Girls, Ms. Vancaskerin’s former allies and sometimes lycanthropes. The fight for the Crow went up an down four levels of the Crow, ending with a climactic battle against the werrat leader of the Tower Girls – Ayala Javeski. The companions manged to defeat the lycanthrope, avoid being bitten, and throw out a few good puns to just make it complete.

Ayala has a nasty temper, and an even nastier bite

In the final room, they found a set of burning hot metal doors, with more Thassilonian runes. Like the puzzle box they had opened at Heidmarch Manor, these runes too could be manipulated, though it caused much pain to do so. Eventually THE EYES had been transformed to THEY SEE and SILENT to LISTEN, and the doors swung open. A staircase led back down to the first level, and from there to another set of stairs spiraling down into the darkness.


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