Brad's Shattered Star

Session 3 - Into the Deeps of The Crow

Below sea level is a whole other region of the Thassilonian artifact known as the Crow. The companions continued down into the darkness, leaving behind the upper level in search of what might lie below.

The first level below the sea was the abode of some mites, funny little blue creatures like someone took the ugly stick and beat the trash out of a lost colony of smurfs. The mites have some affinity with vermin, and had scattered giant ants and spiders around to protect their homes. The tunnels made for big people apparently weren’t good enough for the two foot high creatures, and they were busily carving out space of their own in between the walls of the Crow’s lower level when the companions found them.

Krisilla got a little freaked out when she followed a tunnel to where the mites were digging, and they chased her with pickaxes, only to find Hydra in no mood to play. How they managed a diplomatic response when they finally met the king with mite goo dripping from the monk’s hands and clothing is some kind of miracle.

The mite king Zugga sent the heroes off into the dark depths to find his lost pet “Clickylegs” and return his spare crown. Of course Clickylegs was in an area of the Crow that the mites refused to go into , so the companions ventured forth. Battling spiders and other creatures, they eventually found the hook horror Clickylegs and returned the king’s treasured spare crown.

Mostly nose and all comical, King Zugga had a mission…if only he could remember what it was!

Along the way, they found another staircase heading further down, and being the intrepid adventurers they are, they blundered on down. After all, they had found a magic fountain, hadn’t they?

Immediately below was a giant maggot with the face of a demon and the smell of a demon’s cesspit. And that was just for starters. It wasn’t long after that when they ran into the domain of the “Suzerain of Little Erebus”. Apparently aasimar don’t like imps, because the thrashed the little creature before he could make them a business offer. From there, it was only a matter of time before they found a place to stay for the night. Tomorrow is another day…


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