Brad's Shattered Star

Session 4 - Down, Down We Go My Lads

Rested and ready, the companions continued their search for the fragment of the shattered star. After plowing through some basic dungeon fodder, they came upon a wondrous sight. An observation tower jutted out from the base of the Crow into the waters of the bay. From its crystalline glass windows, the bay was visible, as were a number of shipwrecks. Hydra wanted to be out there so bad, it almost hurt…and there was an exit leading out into the bay as well!

The Liza Jane rested on the bottom of the bay, just beckoning for the companions to come explore her.

As they continued to explore that level of the dungeon, the companions ran into an accuser devil, who suffered much the same fate as the imp had. It and its lesser imp servants were dispatched with ease. The presence of so many devils in the area had the party concerned, and they found out why when they reached the Maze.

The maze was made of coppery metallic plates and was a series of concentric rings, connected and disconnected as to funnel energies into keeping a small rift to Hell opened. Stalwart heroes can’t abide such things, so the companions did their best to disable the Maze and close the rift.

Continuing to follow the pull of the shard ever downwards, the companions entered the sewer level of the Crow, though the sludge flowing through the channels around seemed to be far less smelly than would normally be expected. The first creature they met turned out to be a helpful ghoul, who merrily sent a giddy Hydra back to the sunken ship to retrieve a keepsake. Once in hand, the ghoul was all tongue, telling the companions all about the sewers and the dangers therein.

Navigating through the twisting passages and fighting off some jumping eels the size of ponies, the companions found a balcony overlooking a central area. There, they saw dark-skinned creatures with wild white hair having a very animated discussion. Hydra whispered “drow” having heard of creatures with a similar description, and the companions waded in to do battle…without giving thought to diplomacy or discussion. This narrator hopes that the trio was the bad guys, because they died rapidly to the blades and spells of the adventuring crew.

I mean, come one, with hair like that he has to be a bad guy, right?

Such heroic deeds take a lot of energy, so the companions decided to call it a day. They cleared out a nice burrow for themselves in a mostly-abandoned surgery suite and turned in. Tomorrow is another day…


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