Brad's Shattered Star

Session 5 - Wrapping up the first module

Our companions finished clearing this area of the dungeon to find none other than their old pal Fenster, mind controlled and angry, doing the bidding of one of the white-haired creatures. Putting him down for his own good seemed the order of the day, as did rescuing three prisoners being kept for experimentation. Apparently the white-hairs were the cause of the disappearances. Won’t the mayor be happy to hear that mystery has been solved? Then, finding a secret passage, the companions traveled further underground to find a pedestal with an indentation of a seven pointed star, and the next shard sitting in its slot.

The party returned to the Lodge, stopping along the way to deliver Liza Jane’s brooch to its rightful owner. The Shard of Greed was activated, and Krisella got a vision of a giant statue over a bay of churning water. Sheila Heidmarch recognized the description as The Lady’s Light, a relatively famous landmark in the area.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be slaves.

She sent the companions to find a crazy street prophet named Jasper Kandamerus. He had once been a guide in the Mushfens, a swamp surrounding the landward side of the Lady’s Light. His mind may have been broken by life’s events, but he should have some decent information about the area. The companions found him just in time to save the old coot from a street gang, who were determined to shut him up permanently.

Jasper thanked the companions profusely, and gravely uttered “Choose thy allies wisely, for the armored one who rides with arms akimbo will prove thy most
precious comrade!”. With those clear words of wisdom, he told the party that he would definitely accompany them to the Mushfens. Venture Captain Heidmarch found them a ship and, with only a small ruckus onboard, the companions (plus one) found themselves on shore, only a few hours’ walk from the statue-like lighthouse (or is that lighthouse-like statue?)


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