Brad's Shattered Star

Session 7 - A light in the tunnel...finally!

The Lady’s Light was aptly named, as this was the first dungeon the companions had ever been in where they didn’t need their own light sources. The halls were aglow with light shining from the worked marble floors. The place had a clean feel, one that was sure to be a false impression.

The one defining feature here was a marble sarcophagus containing the body of a beautiful woman, decked out in jewelry. Enamos reached in to explore her…treasures. When he awoke, his companions were busy staring at his dead body on the floor. As he looked down at his own body, he realized he had woken up in the body of the woman! Everyone took it amazingly well in stride, and they headed out, having first dumped Enamos’ original body into a bag of holding.

Heading out of the first area, the companions found that all exits from the halls led to water. A pair of boats allowed them to move against the flow of the water to a hole in the rock where clean water gushed from an opening in the wall. Apparently, the water was being created or transported to this spot, as the water gushed inwards, but the hole in the rock only went back a few inches. A battle ensued here with some water elementals, and after trying their best to avoid getting knocked into the water, Kris went and jumped in anyways.

She had found an underwater tunnel leading directly to the bowels of the complex. After the others had joined her, they proceeded to tear through the rooms here – sometimes literally – in search of clues to the next shard’s location. Along the way they discovered a demon in mid summons, a giant bed for thirteen, and a magic torch that seemed to do nothing more than summon flying polliwogs of death. Poor Andree’s mind snapped and she had a hard time telling good coffee from bad – or friend from foe, for that matter.

A seugathi’s scream can break the minds of mortal men and women, and if the scream doesn’t do it, it’s looks sure will!

After disposing of some stone statues that stubbornly refused to stop moving around and nearly killed Andree, the group ran across a Dhampir villain. The man had a good plan of attack, right up until he met the enemy. His spells went awry, his attacks missed badly, and in the end, he ended up spitted on Reinwulf’s spear, with chars, burns, and contusions over most of his body. Apparently he hadn’t been expecting an attack from the rear, so to speak, as he had been guarding the “entrance” into this level.


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