Brad's Shattered Star

Session 8 - Don't split the party

Once leaving the safe area where the dhampir was, the group found themselves on a shoreline, facing an island platform with a glass statue on it. The island wasn’t that far, and with a little rope work, they managed to anchor a rope. Kris scampered across it like an acrobat, while Hydra and Reinnwulf crossed over the wet way. The pull of the water’s current was much too strong for the men, and they lost their grips. Tine, riding on Reinnwulf’s shoulders, almost manged to hold on to the rope, but was also sucked into the water. All three of them were pulled into a waterfall that hurtled them downward into a dark cavern below. Meanwhile, Kris fought the glass golem, which knocked her into the water. Andree, rushing to rescue her, managed to get close before they both fell into the darkness below.

Enamos, still in his female body, decided not to go swimming, and backtracked instead. He managed to find a secret chamber that had a teleportation device. Much to everyone’s surprise, Enamos ended up on a small dock set against one wall of the same cavern that the others had fallen into. After killing a small band of sea ghouls, the party got into yet another pair of boats to explore this place.

The first stop was the lair of a female giant claiming to be the Runelord of Lust herself. She certainly didn’t incte lust in anyone present, and her mighty attacks were no match to the combined offers of the group.

The watery caverns were filled with dangerous fauna, from the ghouls to strange undead bats. There were even some giant eels that tried to make a quick snack of some of the party, after they fell victim to some sort of swimming curse and leaped overboard.

Helanda can fight…naked or not.

Once they made land, the crew rescued a former gray maiden from a hag, who was torturing her to death. After dealing with the hag, and offering the woman, Helanda, a chance at revenge against her former sisters, the group burst into the Gray Maiden barracks and slew a double handful of the former Queensguard. Some of them were even clothed at the time. Spirits high, and a hot bath at hand, the group decided to hunker down for the night.


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