Sheila Heidmarch

Venture Captain of the Magnimar Pathfinder Lodge


After a long (for a Pathfinder) career in the field, Sheila petitioned the Decemvirate to open a Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar, and was soon granted that honor. She and her husband returned to his manor in the city, and Sheila became Varisia’s first venture-captain, immersing herself in all the frontier wonders that had so enthralled her in her youth. Now she is seen as the Society’s steady hand in the North, bringing ever more fresh recruits to her lodge to plumb the secrets of ancient Thassilon. She uses the Heidmarch manor as a Lodge, providing barracks rooms, healing services, and a local procurement office (aka fencing service) for Pathfinders in her employ.


Sheila Heidmarch

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